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Human Computer Interaction, or HCI, is the study, planning, and design of what happens when you and a computer work together. As its name implies, HCI consists of three parts: the user, the computer itself, and the ways they work together.

Human Computer Interaction(HCI) In The Year 2020 Human-computer-interaction

The Goals of HCI

The goals of HCI are to produce usable and safe systems, as well as functional systems. In order to produce computer systems with good usability, developers must attempt to:
1. understand the factors that determine how people use technology
2. develop tools and techniques to enable building suitable systems
3. achieve efficient, effective, and safe interaction

Human Computer Interaction(HCI) In The Year 2020 Image001

The Interaction

There are obvious differences between humans and machines. In spite of these, HCI attempts to ensure that they both get on with each other and interact successfully. In order to achieve a usable Website, you need to apply what you know about humans and computers, and consult with likely users throughout the design process. You need to find a reasonable balance between what can be done within the schedule and budget, and what would be ideal for your users.Emerging computer technologies will change our lives for the better by 2020. But we need to retain control to ensure that these developments do not impact negatively on basic human values, according to a new report co-edited by a University of Nottingham academic.Advances in interfaces - the physical way we react with computers - and other techniques of controlling computers will supplement the role of the traditional keyboard and mouse,eye tracking. Technologies in development include surfaces that allow fingertip control of on-screen objects and devices that sense - and react to - movement.

Human Computer Interaction(HCI) In The Year 2020 Mm_scene

By 2020, there will be very few people left on the planet who do not have access to a mobile phone. In Africa, the cellular market grew by around 60% between 2004 and 2007. While only 11% of the population had access to desktop computers in 2007, 77% have mobile phones. Furthermore, analysts have predicted that over 220 million people in India will be playing games on their mobiles by 2009. By 2020, there will be very few people left on the planet who do not have access to a mobile phone. One obvious consequence of this is that the mobile will become an increasingly important platform for computer applications for economically growing countries. This highlights the fact that technologies such as mobile phones are no longer used by a single group of people or in a single location. Computers increasingly span the globe and are being used by many differing cultures. Technologies will not only be a sign of a changing world, but will accelerate those changes. How we understand these different cultural values and accept them as we move towards 2020 will be an issue for debate and reflection, and will offer up many new opportunities for research and design.Cheap and easily-accessed digital storage allows consumers to electronically record and store more aspects of our lives - allowing us to share information and interact with people across the globe. This hyperconnectivity liberates us from fixed telephone lines, desks and offices, while advances in robotics develop the computer's ability to learn and make decisions.

Computers have played a massive role in changing the way we live over the last couple of decades. They are no longer possessions of the privileged but are rapidly becoming inexpensive, everyday commodities. They have evolved from being isolated machines to globally interconnected devices. Not only has access to computers vastly increased, but the ways we interact with them and materials used for computer devices have changed too. All of this means that computers can now be interwoven with almost every aspect of our lives. As we move towards 2020, so the extent of these changes will increase.By 2020, it may not be possible to realise all of our goals, ambitions and aspirations without using a computer or computing in one way or another. This binding of computing to our daily activities will in turn affect our values,goals and aspirations.


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