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1new hardware problems on Thu Apr 14, 2011 7:48 pm


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what causes the hard disk to corrupt and what are the posible solutions

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edmundoswald wrote:what causes the hard disk to corrupt and what are the possible solutions

Hard disk drive is the most vital component, where a computer system stores all the data it keeps.Without a hard disk drive, there would be no files, folders,operating system and not even the file system. Thus, it becomes so crucial that you take suitable care of your hard drive to prevent it from getting corrupted. Even some minor problems in disk structure might lead to data inaccessibility. The top reasons that can corrupt a hard drive are virus attack, file system corruption, hardware
issues and others. To troubleshoot all such problems, the thing that
works is either data backup or file data recovery utilities.

Data loss is the general term denoted to the condition when you lose data that is stored on any of the storage media. This generally occurs due to three major factors:

  • Poor handling of hard drive:
    You might not be aware of the fact that improper usage and rough handling of hard drive can crash it. Though the external appearance of hard drive seems to be rigid, but its internals are very sensitive and can fail if exposed to vibrations and collisions, liquids, heat and dust particles.
  • Viruses:
    Contrary to above described factor, viruses cause logical damage to hard drive. These are self-replicating programs that can affect hard disk structure and corrupt many of the files. In critical situations, they can even make the system unbootable.
  • Manufacturing defects: Hard disks are manufactured after rigorous tests and observations. But sometimes, any left-out defect or use of cheap material can cause hard drive to corrupt. Such hard drives have tendency to fail much before their expected shelf-life.
Besides above factors, human errors, excessive fragmentation and wear and tear are also some of the responsible reasons for hard drive failure.
Following are few general tips that prove helpful against data loss:

  • Make regular backups of your data
  • Use a good antivirus software
  • Defragment your hard drive regularly
Hard Drive Recovery solutions for such cases are available in two forms: data recovery software for logical data loss i.e. when hard drive is physically intact and data recovery service to solve physical hard drive corruption. These are two result-oriented solutions that can recover all the lost data while hard drive corruption.

Read this post to recover your data lost.

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